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What are the differences between wear-resistant steel plate and ordinary steel plate
The wear-resistant steel plate is mainly divided into alloy wear-resistant steel plate and composite wear-resistant steel plate.

No matter what kind of wear-resistant steel plate it is, it may not look very different from ordinary steel plate on the surface, but its function and composition are very different. So, what are the differences between wear-resistant steel plate and ordinary steel plate?

1. Different steel grades

All steel plates are poured with molten steel and then extruded after cooling. According to thickness, they can be roughly divided into thin plate, medium plate and extra thick plate. According to function and composition, it can be divided into ordinary steel plate, alloy steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, stainless steel, etc.

Among them, wear-resistant steel plate belongs to the category of steel plate, with excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and toughness. Among them, bimetallic wear-resistant steel plate is special and belongs to reworked steel plate.

2. Different uses

Wear-resistant steel plate has excellent wear resistance and can be used under high wear conditions. Its service life is unmatched by ordinary steel plate. Its impact resistance and toughness also bring higher safety. Therefore, it is very popular. Wear-resistant steel plates can often be seen in mines, machinery, coal mines, docks, cement and other industries, and can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Different rust spots

When the wear-resistant steel plate and ordinary steel plate are not rusty, it is difficult to distinguish them. Therefore, when purchasing, you must check the quality assurance certificate and other certificates provided by the manufacturer, or take samples to a third-party organization for inspection.

When the steel plate is rusty, it can be identified according to the traces of rust. Ordinary steel plate has a lot of rust water, large and thin rust spots, while wear-resistant steel plate has small and dense rust spots.

4. Different prices

Wear-resistant steel plate belongs to special steel, and its production process and technical requirements are much higher than that of ordinary steel plate. Therefore, the cost is not the same as that of ordinary steel plate. When purchasing wear-resistant steel plate, you must pay attention to select professional manufacturers, and do not be disguised as ordinary steel plate by unscrupulous merchants, which will cause huge losses.

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